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KM Hawaii Compressor Tour WB (Wide Body)



The KM Hawaii Compressor Tour WB (Wide Body) is designed for larger riders or those who want increased stability for loaded touring, fishing or paddling around. At 32 inches in width, this board has plenty of volume for any demand you place on it.  Worried about the speed of a 32 inch board"  Fear not! The same nose and tail on our elite Compressor HP models also shows up on our Wide Body models.  Fast, efficient, and fun paddling wrapped up in an awesome package.

By adopting the same high-efficiency hull design of the Compressor HP, the Compressor Tour WB (Wide Body) seeks to combine beauty and lifestyle with speed and functionality.   We add a bamboo top to further compliment the looks of this already sharp and eye catching design.  When you want to cover distance and maximize your energy investment, our Compressor Tour WB is your ticket to paddle boarding bliss.

So whether you're cruising the river, competing in the occasional race, or just challenging your friends, the Compressor Tour WB offer the both speed and stability for the recreational paddler.

  • Perfect for: Touring and Fishing
  • Fin: Single Fin Set-Up
  • Genuine Goretex® two way self-venting valve
  • Equipped with a GoPro® mount
  • Cargo tie-down mounts on the front
  • Diamond cut multi-color track pad with KM logo
  • Drop nose that literally slices through the water and waves

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