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About SUP Outdoor


We are your door to the outdoors. We are the online destination that weaves brands, certified dealers, unique stories and insider knowledge together to inspire a unique culture of paddle-powered adventurers. Whether it’s a day trip in your backyard or a multi-day expedition in an exotic locale, SUP Outdoor connects you to your passion, with the best gear and the know-how to get you outside and on the water.


Explore our innovative new products and technologies, dip into the latest product reviews, shop the comprehensive online store, or let our knowledgeable customer service representatives assist you with questions.  

Speaking of technology, the propriety technologies listed below are used in the construction of our some products.  

  • thermoSUP™
  • honeytechCORE™
  • PINEWOODtech
  • trueTRACK™
  • BAMBOOtech™
  • CARBONtech
  • RINOtech™
Visit our Construction and Technology page for more information about these technologies.


Plan your next epic adventure by taking advantage of our SUP travel packages or dive into our SUP instructional library and learn from our team of outdoor experts and athletes with how-to videos and articles.


Get the lowdown with authentic, inspiring, and always entertaining stories from our seasoned SUP athletes who are out and about. Submit your stories or join in on your chance to win one of our interactive contests.

Whatever facet of stand up paddling is your passion, whether it’s touring, fitness, surfing or family recreation, SUP Outdoor is your gateway to nature, fun, and adventure.

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You can contact us by phone toll free at (877) 230-1170 or by eMail at cs@lxvoutdoor.ca

Our Business Address is

  • LXV Outdoor Inc.
  • 4929 Durham Road 30
  • Stouffville
  • Ontario L4A 7X4

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